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Who can learn Reiki?

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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing?

Look no further than Reiki.

With Reiki, anyone can learn how to tap into this beautiful healing energy.  Once attuned, the ability to channel Reiki energy stays with you for life, allowing you to offer healing to yourself and others whenever you need it.

As you begin your Reiki journey, you have the power to decide what level you want to achieve.  Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced practitioner looking to advance your skills, Reiki has something to offer for everyone.

So why wait?  Start your Reiki journey today and unlock the potential of energy healing.

Anne-Marie Lloyd, Basildon

What a brilliant course!

I attended Reiki training on 18/6/22 and Lorna was brilliant.

There was a fantastic manual that explained everything we needed to know and more. We had plenty of time to ask questions and share experiences.

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to explore and learn Reiki.

Suffolk Reiki Courses

Why Learn With Suffolk Reiki?

Prior to becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher, Lorna spent 13 years teaching 16-19 year olds in a Further Educational College.  Lorna has extensive experience of teaching all different learning styles and can tailor the course to your needs.  

You will receive on-going support via text, phone, email or video call after your course day, as everyone learns at a different pace.

Having successfully completed your Reiki training, you will be eligible to come along to a monthly workshop (limited spaces/group size)  to practice your skills and develop your learning.

Please note: Suffolk Reiki does not offer online learning and distant attunements.  In the UK there is a move towards a Core Curriculum and National Standards.  As such, insurance companies are increasingly insisting that attunements are in-person.  You may not be sure if you want to practice professionally in the future, but to reduce the possibility of future issues, all training is in-person.

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Levels of Reiki

There are 3 levels of Reiki.  These are:

Reiki Level 1: The First Degree (Shoden)

Reiki Level 2: The Second Degree (Okuden)

Reiki Level 3: Reiki Master & Teacher (Shinpiden)

First Degree

This workshop is for beginners and no prior knowledge is required.

You will be connected to Reiki at this level and will be able to perform self-treatment as well as offer Reiki to friends and family.

Second Degree 

This course builds on your Level 1 training and enables you to work as a Reiki Practitioner on successful completion.

You will be given the necessary skills to enable you  to offer Reiki to paying customers with confidence.  At this level you will be able to perform in-person sessions and distant healing. 



This is the final stage to complete your student Reiki training however it is the beginning of an exciting journey as a Reiki Master/Teacher.

The more you work with Reiki energy the more the Universe will guide you to develop in ways you never imagined.  Your ability to channel Reiki will be significantly enhanced along with further development of your intuition and healing results.

At Master/Teacher level you will be able to pass on Reiki attunements and teach your own courses.

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Rich Bower

Lorna is a lovely person and puts you at ease straight away.

Reiki treatment can give no promises to fixing physical injuries but I have to tell you, that after four weekly sessions I can now walk completely pain free and haven't had to take painkillers since! Amazing!

I have since completed Reiki 1 training which was fun.  Lorna is a great teacher and goes through everything until you completely understand it.  I cannot recommend Lorna highly enough.

Go see her, you won't be disappointed!

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Tina Gore

Lorna was a fantastic, calm and patient teacher and the day was professional and well organised.

I was able to practice Reiki on a practice client, as well as receive it myself, for a more authentic training experience.

I am now able to practice Reiki on myself, as well as friends and family.

I was blown away with what I learnt today, and I am not completely new to holistic approaches.

Highly recommend.

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Victoria Evans

Level 1 Reiki course completed with Lorna.  What a wonderful day and course it was.

Extremely knowledgeable and experienced.  

At all times felt at ease and comfortable.  The manual was precise and easy to read and very well presented.  

Ample time to complete the course and attunement.  

An excellent day with a fantastic Reiki Master.

I 100% recommend Lorna to anyone seeking a path to Reiki.

Definitely looking forward to Reiki 2 with Lorna.


Suffolk Reiki

C/O Puressence

14 Gainsborough Street

Sudbury Suffolk 

United Kingdom

CO10 2EU

Tel: 07823 324564

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