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Following government guidelines I am now able to offer hands-on healing Usui Reiki treatments. 


Distant Reiki healing will still be available. This method of healing is just as effective and you can learn more by clicking on the Distant Healing tab at the top of this page

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Suffering From Pain, Anxiety Or Tiredness ?

Experiencing Side Effects From Medication ?

Need Support During The Recovery Period After Injury Or Surgery ?

In My Experience, You Could Benefit From The Relaxing Therapy That Reiki Offers

What Is Reiki ?


Reiki is a Japanese relaxation method involves the transfer of energy through the practitioner's hands.

The word"Reiki" is made up of two words - Rei which means "Universal Life" and Ki which is "Life Force Energy".  So Reiki is actually "Universal Life Force Energy"

This type of healing started in the late 1800 in Japan and is now practised across the world.

How Can Reiki Help You ?

Reiki healing is not based on belief, faith or suggestion but is rooted in the idea that energy can stagnate in your body where there has been physical injury or even emotional pain.

Over time these energy blocks can then cause illness and Reiki aims to help the flow of energy around your body and remove the blocks in a similar way to acupuncture.

Improving the flow of energy around the body can:

  • Enable deep relaxation

  • Reduce pain and swelling

  • Accelerate healing

  • Promote 'inner-calm' and contentment

  • Increase energy levels

  • Reduce other symptoms of illness and disease

  • Give an overall feeling of well being


There is a fabulous blog,  'How Reiki Helps' written by Pamela Miles. She explains very simply and clearly how Reiki works.  Learn more about Reiki.


How Does A Reiki Session Work ?


Your Usui Reiki session lasts around one hour and during that time you may feel a warming or tingling sensation or maybe just sheer relaxation.

You will be lying on the Reiki treatment bed fully clothed and I will work with your body's bio-energetic field or 'aura' and also your energy fields.

This will boost your body's natural healing processes and clear blockages in your energy field, bringing everything back into balance so it works efficiently once more.



Not Sure If Reiki Can Help You ?

Come along for a 30 minute Usui Reiki taster session and experience first hand just how this treatment feels. Most clients who are introduced to Reiki in this way report a feeling of calm and relaxation and often start to experience a reduction in their pain levels. These taster sessions are priced at only £20 and are ideal as an introduction to this natural healing therapy.

Come and try it for yourself, just call Lorna on 07823 324564 or email using the form below


Lorna's Reiki treatment room is situated within the Puressence Beauty & Wellbeing Centre in the heart of the market town of Sudbury in Suffolk.

This central location is ideal for clients to visit from Long Melford, Clare, Cavendish and Lavenham as well as locations further afield. The north Essex villages of Halstead, Braintree and Colchester are all within a comfortable 30-minute drive and you will find free parking at all times at various locations in Sudbury town centre.

In 2016, working as a college teacher was taking its toll and Lorna was constantly feeling stressed and suffering with anxiety.  This began to impact on her health. Lorna was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which added to the stress, now left her feeling in constant pain and suffering fatigue.

Lorna was introduced to Usui Reiki as a form of complimentary therapy and she hasn't looked back since.  The healing made such a huge impression, Lorna decided to train as a Usui Reiki Practitioner and has since attained Master/teacher level and Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Level.

Since training as a Reiki Master, Lorna went on to qualify as an Indian Head Massage Therapist.  Click on the link below to find out more about this wonderful holistic therapy.
Indian Head Massage Page
Give the gift of well-being.

Would you like to treat a loved one to a special Reiki treatment ?

Do you think a member of your family would benefit from the healing benefits of Reiki ?

Gift vouchers are available for any value to be redeemed against either Reiki or Indian Head Massage.  Contact Lorna on 07823 324564 or email using the form below.

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Tracey Gudgeon

Have had three lovely reiki sessions with Lorna. Pain virtually cleared after first session with the final odd twinges disappearing after second session. Such a relaxing and lovely experience. Thanks Lorna. Highly recommended xxx

FACE Jane F.png

Jane Ford

Lorna was an enormous help with my anxiety when my grandad passed away. She put me at ease straight away and I was completely relaxed by the end of the treatment. I will definitely be returning for more reiki


Jean Cook

Lorna's reiki treatment is so calming and restful that I come away feeling totally at peace with my aches and pains gone

FACE   Tori.png

Tori Conroy

Relaxing, calming, soothing and I hate when the time is up. Lorna is amazing at making you u relax fully

FACE  Anne Marie.png

Anne Marie Lloyd

Lorna and her healing hands have helped relieve pain with some physical ailments I currently have and amazingly the reiki has helped me feel so much calmer on a day to day basis that I am enjoying life a lot more and starting to make plans and seeing light at the end of the tunnel

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