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Reiki Level 3: Reiki Master/Teacher (Shinpiden)

The Level 3 Master/Teacher course builds on everything you learnt at Level 1 and 2.  If you choose to take this course you will also be given materials and guidance for setting up your own Reiki business. 

This two-day course is designed for Reiki Practitioners who wish to take their knowledge and practice to the next level, going on to start their own business and gain the ability to pass on Reiki attunements and teach others.


You will learn how to deeply integrate Reiki into your daily life, living by the 5 Reiki Principles and making a commitment to a personal and spiritual growth.

Pre-requisite for Reiki Level 3:


  • Evidence of Reiki Level 1 and 2 Certification with lineage

  • Minimum of 2 years since Reiki Level 2.

Reiki Level 3 Package



£650 (Private Tuition Only)

Includes your manual and hard copy certificate.

Please note: A non-refundable deposit of £200 is payable at the time of booking to reserve your place on the course.

The remaining balance is due 7 days prior to your course date.


Two-Day Workshop

This two-day, private tuition workshop is relaxed and informal. 


You will receive a comprehensive manual which covers everything you need to know for this level.


On completion of your course you will find your manual a useful guide to refer to.

Lorna provides on-going support for as long as you need.

Course Content
On Completion

Day One

Introduction to Master/Teacher Level

Guided Reiki Meditation

The importance of Symbols

Introduction to Usui Master Symbol

How to draw the Master Symbol

How to initiate the Usui Master Symbol

First Degree Attunements

Second Degree Attunements

Usui Master Attunements

Additional Master Symbols

Attunements Using Tibetan Symbols

Attunement Ceremony

Practical to Embed Learning

Day 2

Breathing Techniques

Advanced Reiki Techniques for Self-Treatments

Reiki and Crystals

Using Intuition and Removing Blocks

Preparation to Teach

Building Your Business

 When you have completed this course you will be at the start of a new journey.  You would have learnt how to take the next steps in your lifelong journey with Reiki.  

Now it's time to follow your intuition and allow Reiki to guide you along your soul path.

Reiki blessings x





Suffolk Reiki

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