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Can Crystals Help Heal Stomach and Digestion Problems?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

How long have crystals been used for healing?

Crystals are amazing at helping to treat physical ailments in the body and it is thought that their use dates to 4000BC. Crystals can support the healing of various parts of the body depending on how and which you use.

Disclaimer: Crystals should be used as a complementary therapy and not as a replacement for regular medicine.

Which crystals help heal stomach and Digestion issues?

Crystals to heal stomach issues generally work on the Solar Plexus and holding a crystal near this chakra should stimulate organs and remove pain and discomfort. At the same time as working to heal stomach issues they also work on relieving anxiety, stress and depression which often cause health issues. Crystals can help to relieve abdominal pain, IBS, nausea, constipation, colon issues, digestion issues and period pain.

7 crystals to help heal stomach problems.

1. Sodalite

Sodalite works wonders on stomach aches and all pains of the pelvic area. Rubbing the crystal over the area of pain should work to calm your stomach.

2. Citrine

Citrine is one of my favourite healing crystals when it comes to working on the Solar Plexus. This beautiful crystal has been used for ages to boost digestion and to treat stomach ailments. Citrine is known as the ‘happiness stone’, injecting the body with positive vibrations and optimism which helps to cure health problems. Citrine is considered ideal to boost the metabolism, promote digestion without flatulence as well as helping with kidney stones, diabetes and removing toxins from the body.

3. Jasper

Did you know that stress is not only one of the main causes of heart disease but also a known cause of digestion problems? When you are suffering from stress you become tense and this has an impact on the digestive organs, preventing them from working properly. Jasper is a wonderful crystal to help alleviate stress and promote a healthy stomach.

4. Peridot

Suffering with chronic bowel problems? Turn to Peridot. Peridot works well on the heart chakra and promotes relief from pain resulting from bowel problems. This crystal boosts emotional wellbeing and the will power to tackle health issues. Peridot is also useful for problems with vomiting and nausea.

5. Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is the go-to crystal for a cleanse and detox of your gut. This crystal is believed to help remove toxins from the body and protect you from stomach infections. Blue Lace Agate can help both eliminate stomach pains and promote a smooth flow within the digestive tract.

6. Carnelian

Carnelian is a great crystal for promoting healthy functioning of organs like the kidneys, gallbladder, spleen and liver. It is also believed to work well on tissue regeneration, digestion and fighting the common cold/infections.

7. Green Fluorite

This crystal aids digestion by keeping the colon, intestines and stomach healthy. If you suffer from excess wind, Fluorite can be the crystal to work with.

Other crystals that work well with reducing stress and promoting calm are also good for digestion, prevention is always the best approach.

You may feel drawn to more than one crystal and that is fine to do so. Each crystal has its own individual benefits and you may therefore find that a combination of several crystals works best for you.

What is a Crystal Reiki Healing Session?

A Crystal Reiki Healing Session combines traditional Usui Reiki and the healing benefits of crystals. Read about Crystal Reiki and what a session involves.

How do I book a Crystal Reiki Healing Session?

If you would like to start your Crystal Reiki journey, click on the button below. Simply add your telephone number on the message form at the bottom of the Booking and Fees Page and Lorna will call you to arrange a convenient appointment for you.

Reiki Blessings x

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