Crystal Reiki Healing


Crystal Reiki Healing

In a crystal reiki session, crystals are used with Reiki to prompt the mind, body, and spirit to heal. Crystals have been used for eons to heal illness and ailments; in fact, it is thought to date back as early as 4000BC. 

The use of crystals, having declined in the 15th Century, saw a re-emergence starting with the introduction of the copper bracelet in the 1970s. Due to huge media coverage more recently and celebrity interest in crystal healing, this is now a rapidly evolving therapy.

Why use crystals in Reiki?

We live in a world made up of energy.  Every living creature, every object (including crystals), all vibrate at different frequencies.  Our vibrations change according to how we feel; when we are happy we emit high vibes and when we are down we emit low vibes. 


Crystals however vibrate at a constant frequency and we can use this energy to align ourselves with the vibe we desire.  By interacting with our own energy system, the aura and chakras, crystals bring balance back to the cells in our body.   Crystals hold Reiki and enhance it, magnifying its effects before passing it on.

Using crystals is like having another pair of hands, which is why I like to incorporate crystals into my practice; however, I do also provide traditional reiki treatments.

How does your Crystal Reiki treatment with me work?

Every Crystal Reiki practitioner will have a slightly different practice, but I place crystals around or on you to begin the healing session and play soft music throughout. I will speak with you before I begin a session to find out what your issues and expectations are and to explain how the Crystal Reiki session will work.

In a typical 60-minute Crystal Reiki session, I will move around you and place my hands over you to help channel energy and balance your chakras. Larger crystals may be placed under the table for your comfort. What you experience during the session is distinctly individual. Reiki and crystal energy for the most part exist outside of our physical senses.  If a client does not feel any physical sensations that is ok, the body is still working to heal and balance on all levels. 

You will be able to purchase the crystals used in your session.  They would have been charged with Reiki and will help you to continue your healing at home.  Please advise at the time of booking your appointment if you are considering purchasing your crystals.

If you would like to book a Crystal Reiki session in Sudbury, Suffolk, click the 'Booking and Fees'  button at the top of this page or phone/text me on 07823 324564.


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