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Crystal Healing For Grief

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

If you are reading this blog, it is likely you are suffering from grief or know someone who is. I understand how difficult grief can be and I hope that you find this article helpful.

Healing from grief and bereavement takes time and everybody’s journey time is different. It can take a long time to heal the heart and it’s natural to want to try and eradicate the pain. One way to assist in the healing process is to use crystals, these will help to calm your emotions and gently soothe the heart.

According to psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross there are five stages of grief which everyone goes through before they come out the other side having learnt to live with their loss. We don’t all go through the stages in the same order, but we all visit each stage and for differing amounts of time.

What are the Stages of Grief?

Stage 1 – Denial

This stage of the grieving process comes with the sudden onset and overwhelming pain caused by loss. Our bodies go into self-preservation mode, whilst trying to survive the immense pain and disbelief that suddenly life has changed irreversibly.

It can take some time for us to process that we now live in a new reality and for our minds to cope with this change. Contemplating how life will continue without our loved ones (or other significant life change) and exploring our memories is very painful during this period. The denial stage slows down this process so that it is manageable, helping us to take small steps rather than feeling totally overwhelmed.

What Crystal Heals Stage 1 - Denial?

While in the denial stage Pink Opal’s healing benefits may help. Pink Opal has a very calming effect; one of the known benefits is its support with relieving feelings of stress and anxiety. Pink Opal resonates with the heart chakra and can bring about emotional balance. It has a gentle frequency that can calm our emotions and heart, bringing a sense of love, peace and hope.

Stage 2 – Anger

Anger is a common emotion with grief. As we try to cope with our new reality, one that has been forced on us not chosen, we can feel resentment and anger. The change in circumstance or loss may be causing extreme emotional discomfort and expressing anger may make us feel like we have an emotional outlet.

Anger may be directed at a loved one who has died, which may seem totally irrational, but you would not be alone in this. We get angry that our lives have changed, plans for the future completely upturned or made very difficult. In the anger stage you may feel isolated in your experience and others may withdraw from you at a time when you most need support.

What Crystal Heals Stage 2 - Anger?

Amethyst is a beautiful crystal to help with anger. It is known for its calming properties that promote stress relief, support overcoming painful experiences and give a sense of peace. This crystal is also known for reducing feelings of anger and negative emotions.

Stage 3 – Bargaining/Guilt

The bargaining stage is where we feel so desperate, we offer up bargains to a higher power, God, or something bigger than ourselves to try and change our situation or one that we know is about to happen. For example, “God, if you make my husband better, I will be a better person”.

It helps us to feel like we have some sort of control over the situation. When we are in this stage, we may find that we start to look within ourselves at our own faults and regrets. Maybe if we had behaved differently, the situation may not have arisen, or our pain would not have been so deep. It is common at this time to go back over the past and wish we could have behaved differently. Guilt is an emotion that arises during this phase.

What Crystal Heals Stage 3 - Bargaining/Guilt?

The healing crystal that is beneficial here is Rose Quartz. This crystal is known as the stone of love. Rose Quartz assists by fostering a feeling of self-love which helps to alleviate feelings of guilt. This favourite healing crystal of mine helps to bring about feelings of peace and clears away negative emotions. Rose Quartz will help to keep the heart and mind open and will encourage us to move forward when the timing is right.

Stage 4 – Depression

As reality sets in and we realise that there is no bargaining, our situation is unavoidable and we must face up to what has happened, the sadness grows. We may become withdrawn from friends and family, shy away from social gatherings and stop reaching out for support from others.

Depression is more than just feelings of sadness and can make day-to-day activities very difficult. Many people who suffer with depression fully recover without treatment, however it is always best to talk to your doctor about what is best for you.

What Crystal Heals Stage 4 - Depression?

A favourite crystal of mine for support with depression is Smoky Quartz. This stone is fabulous for grounding you are when feeling extremely stressed or depressed. Smoky Quartz is known for absorbing negative energies and promoting clear thinking and positivity. The properties of this crystal are known for encouraging calm and removal of fears which helps to lift our mood.

Lepidolite is also a wonderful crystal to help with depression. This crystal is composed of lithium, which is an anti-anxiety medication, lending itself to helping to lift our mood. Lepidolite properties are known for giving a sense of wholeness during times of loss which helps us to manage the stages of grief with less suffering.

Stage 5 – Acceptance

We still feel pain from our loss in this stage, but we no longer find ourselves trying to bargain for a different outcome and resisting the reality. We begin to accept our new situation and the feelings of denial and anger are less likely.

What Crystal Heals Stage 5 - Acceptance?

Chrysocolla is well known for its calming effect along with forgiving properties. This crystal promotes balance and wholeness by helping us to let go of bottled emotions. Chrysocolla’s positive energy helps with self-expression and encourages acceptance.

How to use crystals:

1. Hold a crystal whilst meditating – How to Meditate with Crystals A Simple Guide

2. Carry a crystal with you throughout your day i.e. in a pocket or purse

3. Place crystals on your body – How to Perform a Crystal Chakra Healing on Yourself

4. Place around your home - 7 Places To Use Crystals in Your Home

5. Where as jewellery

6. Place in your bath – Create a Crystal Healing Bath at Home

During this difficult period, whilst coming to terms with grief, it can be so easy to start unhealthy behaviours like drinking too much alcohol or smoking. Try using some crystals instead to start healing your mind, body and spirit.

What is a Crystal Reiki Healing Session?

You may like to try a Crystal Reiki Healing Session to support your grieving process. Read about Crystal Reiki and what a session involves.

How do I book a Crystal Reiki Healing Session?

If you would like to start your Crystal Reiki journey, click on the button below. Simply add your telephone number on the message form at the bottom of the Booking and Fees Page and Lorna will call you to arrange a convenient appointment for you.

Reiki blessings in love and light.

Lorna x

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