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How to know if your throat chakra is blocked.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is the fifth on the “chakra ladder” and it is the first of our spiritual chakras. In ancient Sanskrit it is called ‘Vishuddha’ which means purification, clarity.

This chakra is found at the centre of the neck at the level of the throat and expands through to the back of the neck and shoulders. It is the bridge between the lower parts of the body and the head and is connected with speaking your truth, communication and listening. It is about being able to communicate your thoughts, feelings and intentions with ease and clarity.

The blue chakra is associated with the neck, throat, shoulders, mouth, sinuses and ears and is linked to the sense of hearing. The symbol for this chakra is depicted by a 16-petalled lotus. In the centre, within a triangle, is a second circle which depicts the manifestation of sound.

The throat chakra is represented by the colour blue, turquoise or aquamarine blue.

What is a balanced throat chakra like?

When your throat chakra is in balance you will find that you are able to express yourself very easily and effectively. You are in harmony with yourself and the world. With this chakra spinning properly you will be able to both write and speak with elegance and words flow easily. When in a crowd or at a meeting you do not have a problem with speaking out and expressing yourself without being obnoxious. As you think before you speak you will come across as calm and without unwanted emotions. The type of job you might find yourself being drawn to, may well be something like a teacher or other public speaking vocation.

This chakra is also about listening, both to your inner voice, other people and to spirit and to the Devine. You will have confidence in your inner guidance and when you truly listen to others you will be able make positive connections and communications. Speaking with tact and diplomacy come natural to you, which results in people being happy to listen to what you have to say.

There are no hidden agendas when you have a balanced throat chakra, what you see is what you get, you are real and authentic, honest and trustworthy.

What happens if the chakra becomes imbalanced?

When the throat chakra is weak it can make you feel insecure, timid and find it difficult to speak up for yourself. You are unlikely to want to speak in public but in addition, you may also find it very difficult to express your thoughts and feelings in your normal life.

If you are particularly sensitive to confrontation or have a fear of being disliked, your throat chakra could have been weakened over time. This may have resulted in you preferring to remain quiet so that you do not offend someone with what you have to say. It’s probable that you find it hard to make a complaint or say ‘No’ and you have a small, imperceptible voice. An inability to express yourself, may affect you physically, in that you feel like you have a lump in your throat because you are trying to suppress your emotions.

At the other extreme the throat chakra may be too strong. This results in the person having a problem with talking too much. I am sure you have all met that someone who never stops talking. They are the ones that phone and talk for ages, story after story, without asking a single question or a colleague at work who makes it difficult to get a word in edge-ways.

If a throat chakra is over-active then you may find yourself loving the sound of your own voice, gossiping and being over critical. You might feel you are a great at communicating with people, but if you never stop to listen to others, if you are always interrupting, it may put people off spending time with you. Communication is a two-way process, if you are not speaking from the heart (involving your heart chakra) you might not care or fully understand how others feel about being around you.

One clue to an over-developed throat chakra is that people may start to avoid conversation. They may appear to have selective hearing or pretend they haven’t heard you. If this is the case, it may be time to look at ways to address the imbalance.

How can a blocked throat chakra be healed?

As a Reiki Master, I love energy healing for the balancing of chakras, restoring the harmonious and balanced flow of energy within the body. I practice in a therapy room in Sudbury, Suffolk, offering Reiki to my clients. Sudbury is a beautiful market town and well worth a visit while taking out time to enjoy a reiki session. Due to COVID-19, 1:1 sessions are not possible at the moment, however I am continuing to treat clients through distant Reiki healing sessions. If you would like to find out more about Distant Reiki Healing please click here.

The Vishuddha is associated with the colour blue. So look out for blue and when you see it, allow yourself to be reminded to focus your attention on this chakra. This colour can be very uplifting and calming. There are many shades of blue from dark navy to turquoise and aquamarine. Find something blue to wear especially if it is near to the throat like a scarf, tie or jewellery. Getting outside on a clear blue day, looking up at the sky when possible and soaking up the colour can help to bring balance to this chakra.

Fortunately there are a variety of gemstones for the fifth chakra. You don’t have to have them directly on your neck, you can carry the crystals around with you or place a large stone near you, in a place that you spend much of your time for example, by your bed or on your desk. If you don’t know a lot about crystals, any blue stone can help bring balance to the throat chakra, so you can pop along to a crystal shop and select any blue stone that you feel drawn to.

However there are some specific crystals that are recommended, for example blue sodalite is great if you feel in a loop of negative thought patterns. It will help bring harmony and tranquillity and settle our negative thoughts. It is said to have a calming effect and helps you to say what you need to without fear. Lapis lazuli, blue apatite, aquamarine, kyanite and blue lace agate are also beautiful crystals to sooth and calm, helping to bring balance to this area. There are some lovely crystal bracelets at Amazon UK, click here to direct you to one of the sellers I have used Crystal bracelets.

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, use food to help heal your chakras. There’s not many choices of bright blue foods but you could add a bit of colour to a salad, drink or other dish in the form of an edible blue flower, for example borage, blue lavender, cornflowers and nigella. You could include foods such as plums, damsons and blueberries to your diet as well.

Why not use this time of lock down to look at what and how you eat to improve your health overall. I have a wholefood organic shake as a meal replacement each day. It would be easy to make a blue shake by using the vanilla and adding blueberries. To discover more about bridging the gap between what you eat and what you should eat every day, click here Juice Plus+.

Listening to certain frequencies in music resonate with the throat chakra. I love the Tibetan singing bowl throat chakra music Tibetan singing bowls music and this beautiful meditative music Throat chakra healing meditation music. to heal this area.

Guided meditations are also a very good way of helping to balance chakras. The link Throat chakra guided meditation. is a wonderful meditation to balance your chakra.

You may find positive daily affirmations help, they are known to increase positive energy. Examples of positive heart affirmations are:

  • “I listen to truth”

  • “I speak truth”

  • “I trust others”

  • “I am not scared to speak my mind”

Try saying one each time you look in a mirror or leave little notes around ie on the computer monitor.

Remember, don’t change everything all at once, take small proactive steps and know that whatever you choose will be having a positive effect on your heart chakra.

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