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Covid's Mental Health Crisis

Mental Health over the past year has been a challenge for many. Covid-19 has already been responsible for an increase in mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, traumatic stress, PTSD and other stress related disorders. It’s hardly surprising considering the vast numbers who have suffered grief from loss of family and friends or worked within the health care service and witnessed death and suffering, unemployment and income loss, the effects of social distancing and loneliness and much more. The aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic will be felt long after lockdown has finished, and we return to a new normal.

Symptoms that you are suffering from stress could be:

· Shock and disbelief

· Sadness or grief

· Helplessness

· Guilt

· Anger

· Feeling dizzy

· Trembling

· Rapid breathing

· Racing thoughts

· Changes to sleep patterns

· Unexplained aches and pains

· Loss or increase in appetite

Now, more than ever, it is important to consider ways to support mental health going forward. In addition to seeking help from traditional medical practices you could also add Reiki to a treatment plan which can help improve symptoms further. Reiki enhances wellness by helping your body balance itself, and it enables you to take an active role in your own health.

During a Reiki session, the body shifts from fight-or-flight mode to rest and digest mode. Rest and digest mode is often referred to as the Relaxation Response; this is the state your body needs to be in to heal. Reiki kickstarts your body's own self-healing response, assisting it in releasing deep-seated tension, and balancing mental and emotional states. A Reiki session also allows you to change what you pay attention to. When we're feeling anxious, it's usually all we can focus on. We hold tension, emotions, and chronic anxiety in the body's muscles, and these are released during a Reiki session. After Reiki, there may be physical changes, such as having more restful sleep or feeling more relaxed; emotional changes, such as feeling less anger and more in control during stressful situations; and spiritual changes, such as feeling more grounded or intuitive.

Reiki can give you the balance you need to let it go of anxiety. Many people find meditating difficult because their minds are too busy; Reiki can make it easier to get into a meditative state, allowing your thoughts to quieten as your body relaxes.

As a rule, illnesses that have developed suddenly tend to balance faster than ones that have developed over a longer period, so if anxiety is something you have had for a while, it will take a little more time to release than if you have only had the anxiety for a couple of weeks. Initially you may need to book a few sessions in short succession but as symptoms improve appointments can move further apart.

Many clients like to continue with monthly maintenance sessions for relaxation and to maintain their balance. Regularly attending Reiki sessions provides deeper balancing and longer-lasting benefits.

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