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Is my Crown Chakra balanced?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra and is located at the top of the head, pointing upwards. Whereas the first chakra (root chakra) points downwards to connect us to the earth, the crown chakra connects us to the universe and the Devine source of creation. Your brow chakra is also known as the violet or white chakra.

The crown chakra has the highest vibration of all the chakras. Its purpose is to connect us to the Devine Universal Energy. Depending on your beliefs you may, like myself, call this God or some who prefer to call it a higher power or universal force.

The ancient Sanskrit name for the crown chakra is Sahasrara which means ‘thousand-petalled’. This chakra is about our relationship with our higher self and allows us to be connected with the universe. Through this chakra we become enlightened, gaining an understanding of a deeper meaning of life that is guided by a higher power. We become aware that we are connected to everything in the universe and start to live our lives in gratitude, faith and trust, in contrast to anxiety and fear.

What is a balanced crown chakra like?

When the crown chakra is in balance we feel that the world is a beautiful place and that we are in a state of blissful harmony with everything around us. We practice gratitude for our life and have a sense of awe and deep peace. We understand that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we are here to learn.

We acknowledge that the Devine source has some control over our life path. Although we have been given free will to make our own choices, we have the courage to take the right path rather than the easy path. We recognise that the ups and downs during our life are not there to punish us, but are learning experiences so that our souls can grow. We are able to surrender to circumstances that we have no control over, because we have a deep feeling that we are being looked after by a higher power.

What happens if the chakra becomes imbalanced?

If you have a weak crown chakra you are unlikely to have any feeling of spirituality. You will be wrapped up in everyday ordinary life and not have a sense of the bigger picture. You may even feel there is no particular point to life, it is meaningless. This disconnection from everything could lead you to feeling lonely and depressed.

If your other chakras are in balance, you could be very successful in monetary and material terms. You could have a fantastic career, lovely home, car, wonderful social life and more, without even feeling that you are missing out on anything. You may consider yourself to be doing very well without all the soul searching getting in the way.

When the crown chakra is out of balance you may find it difficult to build a connection with the universe or find inner peace. It can make it hard to let go of materialistic needs, leaving you feeling stressed and anxious.

Because you lack any spiritual connection yourself, you might find it bizarre that others follow a faith or are spiritual. You may even see them as deluded, and that your life is going along just fine without the need to consider whether there is more beyond the physical world.

Energy enters the body through the crown chakra, therefore if there is a blockage here, your overall health will be affected as the flow of energy is being restricted. If the chakra is overactive it can result in a feeling of superiority over others and a lack of empathy.

How can a blocked crown chakra be healed?

The Sahasrara is associated with the colour pale violet as well as white, which is made up of all the other chakra colours. So look out for things that are white and allow yourself to be reminded to focus your attention on this chakra. Try to wear something white, like a scarf, tie, cap or something in your hair.

Crystal healing can easily be integrated into your life to heal this chakra. Try meditating with clear quartz to balance your crown chakra. You could carry a small piece with you in a pocket or wear a piece of jewellery with clear quartz in it, as this crystal contains energetic properties to help this chakra. Other well-known crystals for the crown chakra are Indigo Kyanite or Blue Kyanite, purple Tanzanite and Amethyst. Red Muscovite is also good at both aiding spiritual development and preventing side effects from opening up psychic gifts. There are some lovely crystal bracelets at AmazonUK, click here to direct you to one of the sellers I have used Crystal Bracelets.

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, use food to help heal your chakras. Continue eating purple vegetables as mentioned before for the third eye chakra but you can also look for white fruit and vegetables. To give you an idea, you could try cauliflower, fennel, garlic, mushrooms or chickpeas to name just a few. Many fruits are white inside for example lychees, apples, and white nectarines. You could also try dairy foods if you do not have an intolerance, for example milk and yogurt. Whenever you eat any of these foods, remind yourself to focus on the crown chakra.

Listening to certain frequencies in music resonate with the crown chakra. Click on the link to a lovely crown chakra meditation music Crown Chakra Powerful Healing Music.

Guided meditations are also a very good way of helping to balance chakras. Click the link to a popular guided meditation to open the crown chakra Open the Crown Chakra.

You may find positive daily affirmations help, they are known to increase positive energy. Examples of positive brow affirmations are:

“I honour the Devine within me”

“I live in the present moment”

“I am at peace”

“I am open to Divine wisdom”

Try saying one each time you look in a mirror or leave little notes around i.e. on the computer monitor.

As a Reiki Master, I love energy healing as a way to work through and release any blockages in your chakra system. I practice in a therapy room in Sudbury, Suffolk, offering Reiki to my clients. Sudbury is a beautiful market town and well worth a visit while taking out time to enjoy a reiki session. Due to COVID-19, 1:1 sessions are not possible at the moment, however I am continuing to treat clients through distant Reiki healing sessions. To find out more about Distant Reiki Healing please Click Here.

Remember, don’t change everything all at once, take small proactive steps and know that whatever you choose will be having a positive effect on your heart chakra.

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