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Brow Chakra? What is that?

The brow chakra is the sixth chakra on the “chakra ladder” and it is the second of our spiritual chakras. In ancient Sanskrit it is called ‘Ajna’ which means to perceive.

The brow chakra is located in the middle of the forehead slightly above the eyebrows. It is where you might see a Hindu lady wearing her bindi. The energy of this chakra is linked to clear thoughts and self-reflection. Your brow chakra is also known as your third eye chakra or purple chakra.

The purple chakra controls the link between your mind and the outer world. It is the centre of your instinct and foresight. It is the home of your dreams, spiritual enlightenment and psychic abilities. When you meditate, it is through this chakra that you connect with your higher self-fostering your spiritual growth and allowing you to connect with the Universal Source energy.

This chakra is associated with the eyes, brain, sinuses and pineal gland which is in charge of our biorhythms, including sleep and wake time. It is said to be in charge of our sixth sense which allows us insights into the nonphysical world. With the lower chakras, intuition and psychic messages will manifest as ‘gut feelings’ whereas with this chakra, you will get a deep sense of ‘knowing’. Do you pick up the phone to call someone and find that person phones you before you finish dialling? Or think of someone and they email you? You may put this down to sheer coincidence but if it is happening a lot, it is your sixth sense working.

The symbol for this chakra is depicted by a 2-petalled lotus and downward pointing triangle which represents wisdom. The chakra is represented by the colour purple, indigo or bluish purple.

What is a balanced brow chakra like?

If you have a clear vision of where you are going, your third eye is working in balance. You know which path you need to follow in order for your spirit to evolve. You are able to stop other people’s emotions, opinions and priorities from clouding your own vision.

Due to the chakra being balanced you use both your right and left brain. You use both logic and insight to solve problems in creative ways and you come across as wise. Gathering information from a variety of sources, you are able to simplify your learning making it easy for others to understand. You see obvious paths and solutions to problems, where others are blind.

A sign that your third eye is balanced or is opening, is that you grow increasingly interested in spirituality and have a strong moral compass. You will have a great awareness and intuition and be able to recognise what works for your highest good.

If your third eye is working well you will be open-minded, open to new ideas and listening to your inner wisdom and guidance when making decisions. It is also likely that you have a feeling that there is more to life than the physical reality you were born in to. You understand that things happen for a reason and about the intricate design of your life. As this chakra becomes in balance you find yourself thinking more about your soul and spiritual purpose in life. You may even be open to the idea of communicating with spirit guides and guardian angels.

What happens if the chakra becomes imbalanced?

If your third eye chakra is weak you may feel like nothing makes sense; you find it difficult to see things clearly and feel confused. You might feel stuck in the daily grind and not able to see further than your problems or set yourself goals. Do you feel disorientated, or are you finding it hard to work through life’s challenges that are thrown at you? If so, it may be this chakra is out of balance.

Physical symptoms can be that you suffer from frequent headaches, ear ache or have problems visually. It could also be that you are having trouble sleeping and are experiencing mood swings.

On an emotional level you probably neglect your spiritual life and prefer to concentrate on material things. If you only believe in logic and reason and cut yourself off from spirituality, your life may seem pointless; you live and then you die, the end. You might feel ok with this, but on the other hand, you might have a sense of emptiness and what’s life all about. With an open chakra however, you will be in tune with spirituality and see life as a progression and unfolding of unlimited possibilities and potential.

An overactive chakra may manifest as fantasies that appear more real than reality. With so much energy flowing through the chakra you get a sense of being overwhelmed and maybe lose touch with reality. You may be jumping to conclusions, actually become jumpy in nature or highly superstitious. Are you finding it hard to concentrate, think clearly or plan ahead? Maybe it’s time to look at balancing your chakra.

How can a blocked brow chakra be healed?

The Ajna is associated with the colour indigo although it works equally as well to associate this chakra with purple. So look out for purple everywhere, for example lavender, wisteria and purple nail polish and when you see it, allow yourself to be reminded to focus your attention on this chakra. Try to wear something of this colour, like a scarf, tie or jewellery. Purple tinted sunglasses would be an excellent choice as the colour would be so close to the chakra.

Crystal healing can easily be integrated into your life to heal this chakra. They can be carried in your pocket, left under your pillow or you could place a large stone near you, in a place that you spend much of your time for example on a bed stand or next to your bath. Well known crystals for the third eye are purple fluorite, azurite, sapphire, sodalite, black opal, lapis, purple apatite and jet. There are some lovely crystal bracelets at AmazonUK, click here to direct you to one of the sellers I have used Crystal bracelets.

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, use food to help heal your chakras. Try and find some deep-purple vegetables such as cabbage and aubergines. Other vegetables that help this chakra are purple sprouting, garlic, onions, artichokes, bright purple cauliflower and asparagus. Berries and indigo/purple fruits are also easy to come by. Try blackberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, elderberries, plums, figs, purple grapes and my favourite, black cherries.

Why not use this time of lock-down to look at what and how you eat to improve your health overall. I have a wholefood organic shake as a meal replacement each day. It would be easy to make a purple shake by using the vanilla protein powder and adding fruits mentioned above. To discover more about bridging the gap between what you eat and what you should eat every day, click here Juice Plus+.

Listening to certain frequencies in music resonate with the brow chakra. Click on the link to a lovely third eye chakra opening meditation music Third Eye Chakra Music .

Guided meditations are also a very good way of helping to balance chakras. The link 3 Minute Meditation is a short meditation to balance and heal your third eye chakra. You may prefer a longer guided sleep meditation to awaken the chakras and communicate with your higher self. Click the link to a popular meditation Sleep Meditation

You may find positive daily affirmations help, they are known to increase positive energy. Examples of positive brow affirmations are:

  • “I trust my inner guidance”

  • “I am wise and intuitive”

  • “I am aligned with my highest good”

  • “I can manifest my own vision”

Try saying one each time you look in a mirror or leave little notes around i.e. on the computer monitor.

As a Reiki Master, I love energy healing as a way to work through and release any blockages in your chakra system. I practice in a therapy room in Sudbury, Suffolk, offering Reiki to my clients. Sudbury is a beautiful market town and well worth a visit while taking out time to enjoy a reiki session. Due to COVID-19, 1:1 sessions are not possible at the moment, however I am continuing to treat clients through distant Reiki healing sessions. To find out more about Distant Reiki Healing please click here.

Remember, don’t change everything all at once, take small proactive steps and know that whatever you choose will be having a positive effect on your heart chakra.

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