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Step Into A World Where Transformation And Healing Are At The Heart Of Everything We Do.

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Meet Lorna, a former college teacher whose personal battle with stress, anxiety and fibromyalgia led her to discover the transformative power of Reiki.


Fuelled by her own healing journey, Lorna evolved into a Reiki Master/Teacher, guiding others toward wellness.


Later she embraced the ancient wisdom of Pranic Healing and the soothing art of Indian head massage.  She now offers comprehensive healing experiences.


Picture a life where stress, anxiety and pain dissolve, replaced by tranquillity and vitality. In Lorna's capable hands, these therapies merge, creating a symphony of holistic healing.


By booking a session, you're not just seeking relief; you're opening the door to a harmonious existence. Lorna is more than a healer; she's a dedicated partner in your wellness journey.


Experience the magic where body, mind and spirit unite under her expert care. Let the journey to a rejuvenated you begin now.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower individuals to harness their natural healing potential, cultivating harmony in body, mind and spirit.


Through personalised, comprehensive therapies, we provide unwavering support on each person's unique journey. We inspire lasting health and happiness, fostering a profound sense of well-being for a brighter, rejuvenated life.

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