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The Heart Chakra - Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Spiritual.

Updated: May 6, 2020

The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the fourth of the seven

main chakras. In ancient Sanskrit it is called Anahata which means ‘unstuck’. The heart chakra is also known as the green chakra.

This chakra is at the halfway point of the 7 main chakras; it is the centre point where

the physical and spiritual meet. Found within the middle chest area, it is connected with the heart, lungs, shoulder blades, upper back, hands and arms.

The green chakra is associated with unconditional love, compassion and joy. It is responsible for moving love through your life. How you behave demonstrates the condition of your heart. This is the centre for your sense of self-love, generosity, kindness and a compassionate connection with Mother Nature. It is your healing centre. Indeed in many spiritual cultures, love is seen as the ultimate healing force. This chakra is associated with the element Air.

What is a balanced heart chakra like?

A balanced heart chakra results in you being able to both give love and receive love equally. You will also be a forgiving and compassionate person. The energy within the anahata connects you with the universe and generates the spiritual healing within.

When your heart chakra in balanced and working well, you will find people love to be around you. You ooze positivity and warmth; you greet people affectionately, letting them know how much you like to see them. You express your inner feelings well and can find inner peace in the middle of conflict. If other people are not behaving well towards you, you usually do not take it personally or allow it to upset you.

You may be the sort of person that is drawn into a caring profession for example nurse, carer or healer. If not your career, you may find that other people are drawn to you for comfort, as they feel at ease simply being near you.

What happens if the chakra becomes imbalanced?

When the heart chakra is blocked it can impact on your health both physically, mentally and emotionally. Your body could show signs of poor blood circulation and blood pressure; your heart and lungs are greatly influenced by this chakra.

A weak anahata may result in you having low self-esteem and finding it difficult to feel worthy of being loved by another. When people pay you compliments you may ignore them, whilst attempting to shy away.

You may find it difficult to develop fulfilling relationships, even be seen as cold hearted. Those around you might find it baffling that you find it so challenging to show your affections. The damage may have been caused by being hurt in the past, maybe by bullies or from having your heart broken through a break-up. The loss of a loved one can also weaken your heart chakra. You can be left feeling the pain in your heart and in an attempt to try and stop this happening again, your heart chakra becomes weakened, maybe short-term but maybe longer.

At the other extreme, your heart chakra may be spinning too fast. If you are feeling highly sensitive and feel like other people’s emotions affect you deeply, you may have a heart chakra that is wide open. Be careful, when in this state you might find other people’s energy drains yours. You may find yourself trying to fix everyone else’s problems because you feel their pain so strongly. Remember, we all have to face our own emotional problems because we have our own lessons to learn from them.

Do not anguish though, there are lots of things you can do to improve your heart chakra.

How can a blocked heart chakra be healed?

Your first port of call could be a Reiki or other energy healer. Reiki is a beautiful, holistic practice that balances the energy flow through the chakras. I am a Reiki Master and work in a therapy room in Sudbury, Suffolk, offering Reiki to my clients. Obviously, under the current lockdown due to COVID-19, that is not possible, however I am continuing to treat clients through distant Reiki healing sessions. If you would like to find out more about Distant Reiki Healing please click here.

The anahata is associated with the colour green. So look out for green and when you see it, allow yourself to be reminded to focus your attention on this chakra. If you are fortunate to live in the countryside, you will be surrounded by green and be able to enjoy long walks. However, if you are in a town or city, find a park where you can sit on the grass and be mindful of your environment, breathing in clean air which reminds us of this light, airy chakra.

Pink is also associated with this chakra. It is a very soothing, calming colour. Try adding either a splash of green or pink to your daily attire. If either colour is not to your liking, introduce some pink or green accents into your home. Try filling a vase with pink flowers and green foliage that is in season. If it goes with your décor, add scatter cushions, throws or picture frames, anything that you are drawn to.

Fortunately there are a variety of gemstones for the fourth chakra. They resonate at just the right frequency which encourages the chakra to tune in and work properly. There are both green and pink gemstones that work well. My favourite is rose quartz, it’s a beautiful crystal that also helps to bring clarity into personal relationships. Green aventurine has a soothing effect on the heart chakra, giving it healing energy that can promote balance and harmony. Other crystals to use are emerald, green jade, rhodonite and prehnite. If you decide to use crystals, go with the one that you feel yourself being drawn to. I find that wearing crystal bracelets helps. Depending on how I am feeling influences which bracelet I choose. This link will take you directly to a choice of beautiful bracelets Crystal Bracelets .

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, use food to help heal your chakras. For the heart chakra choose green, there’s an absolute abundance of green food to choose from. There are so many vegetable and salad items to select from, for example avocado, cucumber, green tomatoes and peppers, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, peas, beans, courgettes, leeks, asparagus, pak choi and the list goes on before we even start to look down the fruit isle for kiwi, apples, limes, grapes etc. When you eat green food make a conscious effort to set the intention that this food is going to help heal your heart chakra.

Why not use this time of lockdown to look at what and how you eat to improve your health overall. To discover some really tasty complete meal soups and more about bridging the gap between what you eat and what you should eat every day, click here Juice Plus+.

Listening to certain frequencies in music resonate with the heart chakra. The link Heart Chakra Healing Music promotes the healing of the heart chakra, thereby helping to remove the blocks, boost energy and positivity.

Guided meditations are also a very good way of helping to balance chakras. The link Guided meditation to open your heart chakra is a wonderful meditation to balance your chakra and connect to loving kindness.

There are also practical things you can do in your daily life to improve the health of the heart chakra. Try and spend time in the company of children and cute animals. This is known to trigger the hormone oxytocin which is also called the cuddle hormone. Find something or someone to take care of. It doesn’t matter if this is a person, plant or pet. You could take up a volunteer role. Find something that you can do regularly, that leaves you feeling happy. Taking part in something like this will help you to feel love, healing and develop a connection to your surroundings.

You may find positive daily affirmations help, they are known to increase positive energy. Examples of positive heart affirmations are:

· “I am wanted and loved”

· “I forgive myself”

· “My heart is open to love”

· “ I completely love and accept myself”

Try saying one each time you look in a mirror or leave little notes around ie on the computer monitor.

Remember, don’t change everything all at once, take small proactive steps and know that whatever you choose will be having a positive effect on your heart chakra.

Namaste x

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