Corporate Days

Are your employees suffering with stress and anxiety?

Do you need to improve productivity and employee engagement?

Are you looking for holistic therapies to offer employees that will show you care about their well-being?

If yes, Suffolk Reiki offers two holistic therapies to support your employees, Reiki and Indian Head Massage. 


Why Choose Suffolk Reiki For Your Corporate Day?


Lorna can support your business by providing workplace Reiki and Indian Head Massage (IHM) sessions to help foster a healthy workplace and culture.

A 30-minute Reiki or IHM treatment can recharge an employee's batteries, allowing them to return to work energised and less stressed.

Stress is one of the top five causes of absence from work in the UK.


According to the Health and Safety Executive, 12.8 million working days were lost in 2018/19 due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety.

Regular Reiki sessions can lead to:


  • increased productivity,

  • improved employee engagement

  • reduced stress in the workplace which may lead to better health, productivity and creativity

  • a way for employees to take a moment to "breath" in the day, similar to meditation

  • opportunity to be energised during the day


Team Away Days

Do you organise Team Away Days for your employees?

Are you looking for activities that your employees can engage with during the day?

Reiki and IHM can give your team an opportunity to de-stress and recharge batteries at a corporate event. Sessions will provide something a little different from the norm, whilst refreshing thinking and energising staff.

How may Reiki help your employees? It may:

  • Promote relaxation, inner peace and calm

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Increase energy levels

  • Boost the immune system, the body's natural healing system

  • Reduce physical pain

​How may IHM help your employees?  It may:

  • Ease stress, tension and fatigue

  • Help insomnia

  • Reduce headaches, migraines

  • Improve joint mobility/flexibility in the neck and shoulders

  • improve circulation

Booking Reiki/IHM Days
What is the Cost?

To be able to supply you with a quote please complete the message form at the bottom of this page with details of:

Company name and contact person

How many hours you would like your corporate event to run for?

How many reiki and/or Indian Head Massage sessions you would like?

Where your event is to take place?

Date of event if known?

Lorna will contact you to discuss your individual quote for your event.

As an employer you can book Reiki days or half days at your business premises or location of your Team Away Day.


All that I require to run the day is a quiet room, a couple of chairs or enough space to put up a treatment couch.


Treatments are carried out with the client fully clothed (shoes off) and either seated or lying down on the couch.

Reiki and IHM treatments are booked in 40-minute appointment times.

What to wear for IHM
What to wear for Reiki

Your employee will remain fully clothed but needs to wear a T-shirt, or ladies may prefer to wear a singlet. A sports bra that crosses over at the back is not a good idea as the straps cannot be easily moved aside.  


Indian head massage is kind to hair; it is not kind to hair-dos. Employees need to remove any hair bands, clips or slides beforehand.


Employees may wish to bring a brush, "Alice" or other hair band to make themselves look respectable before returning to work.

Your employees can wear their usual work clothes for their Reiki session.

Frequency of Visits

We can discuss the frequency and length of visits to

suit your company's needs.



Suffolk Reiki offers:

  • One-day events

  • One day per week - all day or half day

  • One day per month

Contact Lorna today to discuss how we can best support your employees' needs.

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Ryan Slee

Cannot recommend Suffolk Reiki highly enough.  Lorna in particular is fantastic at her profession.  Been having sessions here for some time now and extremely satisfied with their ethics and calming influence.  

Always a friendly warm welcome.  Leave feeling like a new person.  Don't be shy, give them a try!

Nicki Dixon (2).jpg

Nicki Dixon

My first visit to Lorna today for an Indian Head Massage.

Unbelievable experience, total relaxation and time out.

Lorna is welcoming, professional and I will definitely be back.

I highly recommend her.

Lisa tipper.jpg

Lisa Tipper

I used my gift voucher for an Indian Head Massage.  This was the first time I have had this holistic treatment and it was absolutely wonderful. Lorna's technique and pressure with the massage was spot on and I felt extremely relaxed and fell into a very deep meditative state. For the duration of the actual treatment and the rest of the eventing I felt rested and relaxed and will be booking another session as soon as I can.

Lorna also combines treatments so you can have Reiki and Indian Head massage.  I think that sounds like absolute bliss. I'll be back!!

Sacral Chakra.png

Alex Bull

I reached out for Reiki with Lorna at Suffolk Reiki and have so far had 5 sessions.  I primarily wanted to work on my anger which is from PTSD and felt I wasn't in control of it. I have found Lorna to be a very powerful healer and one of the most caring and empathetic people I have met.

I think this is a very powerful healing tool especially for PTSD and would thoroughly recommend it to people to try.

Thank you for everything!

Crown Chakra.png

Rachel Saunders

I was new to Reiki this year and have had regular sessions with Lorna.  It has been amazing, very relaxing, feels like I've been resting and recharging, highly recommend it, and as for the current climate - Lorna has done some distant Reiki for me, felt the benefit immediately and felt like I had had an in-person treatment from her, she's truly gifted!

As a nurse at the moment, her treatments are really helping me to cope.

I'm so grateful to have met her.

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